The City of Mississauga’s Forestry Department has notified us that they will be putting out their gypsy moth traps early next week as the caterpillars are starting to pupate and the gypsy moths will be appearing very shortly.


If you have not as yet hung up your traps, it would be a good time to do so.  If you have a gypsy moth trap from last year, the pheromone should be replaced for it to remain effective.


If you do not have a trap, they can be purchased, along with replacement pheromones, at local garden centres such as Sheridan Nurseries.  As well, the Urban Nature Store at Dundas/Winston Churchill (in the Mandarin Plaza) is a good source.


In the coming months, you should keep a look out for the egg masses on your trees and destroy them.  The egg masses are the size of a loonie and light brown/chamois coloured.


Listed below are recommendations from the City of Mississauga.  For more information, please visit:


Once in this link, click on “Tree Pests” and click on gypsy moth or other pests of interest.


What you can do

All residents, especially those in neighbourhoods with a high density of oak trees, are encouraged to manage populations on their property by implementing the following pest management controls:

  • picking caterpillars off foliage, tree trunks and branches and soaking them in soapy water to destroy them (May to July)
  • placing sticky bands on tree trunks (May to July)
  • installing burlap wraps around tree trunks and then collecting and destroying the caterpillars (May to September)
  • using pheromone traps to capture and confuse male moths (June – August)
  • scraping off and destroying egg masses (August – May)



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