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Whiteoaks Lorne Park Community Association AGM 2011


Pat Mullin

Guest Speaker  at

Whiteoaks Lorne Park Community

Association AGM


Monday September 26th 7:30 pm at Lorne Park

Secondary School


We are very pleased to welcome

Councillor Pat Mullin as our guest speaker Sept. 26. Councillor Mullin

will discuss current issues in our City and area. At this meeting we will present WLPCA reports on the year and hold elections for the board positions.


Our annual meeting is a great opportunity to hear more about our association and what is happening within our community and around us. Of interest to many of us is more information regarding the motion to disband the OMB and development issues affecting the value of your home, tax rates and traffic volumes on our roads.


Our meeting is open to Association members only. However, we will accept new memberships at the door.


As well, payment for renewal memberships are also accepted. Annual membership fees are included on page 8 of this newsletter, in the Membership Application Form.



Back by popular demand… Whiteoaks-Lorne Park Pumpkin Parade will be held on Tuesday, November 1st in Whiteoaks Park.


Bring your friends, neighbours, families – and pumpkins! – for a dramatic stroll through the park to view what we hope will be hundreds of lighted pumpkins from around our neighbourhood.


This event depends on you!

Please bring your pumpkins to Whiteoaks Park any time before 7:00pm (the earlier the better!) on November 1st for inclusion in the parade. (All pumpkins will be composted after the event, so

you’re doing your part for the environment too!)


When Suncor purchased PetroCanada nearly two years ago it became Canada’s largest oil and gas  company.  Suncor has continued the monthly meetings (July and August excepted) with the Public Liaison Committee which is composed of representatives elected annually by registered ratepayer associations in Mississauga’s Ward 2 and east Oakville as well as municipal government representatives and Suncor employees.

The Public Liaison Committee is consulted regularly about information conveyed to their communities through Suncor’s new,  twice-yearly, publication titled  “In Your Community”.


Suncor’s laboratories in Sheridan Park and its lubricants plant at the foot of Southdown Road employ more than 600 people.

The plant on Southdown Road now produces only lubricants or “sweet oils” for the pharmaceutical and food industries.   It does not refine gasoline or produce asphalt.  It sells some 350 products to 70 countries.

Currently Suncor is in the process of dismantling a number of storage tanks on the east side of their property that used to contain asphalt.


Traffic in the neighbourhood

Passive Traffic Calming

NSW Pamphlet

Road Watch

Satellite – OMB Decision

Ministry of the Environment Meeting on Air Quality

Ministry of the Environment Meeting on Air Quality

Joint Meeting

On May 19, 2011, City of Mississauga staff met with staff from the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), the Town of Oakville, Peel Public Health and Halton Public Health.  This was the second meeting City staff has had with the MOE to discuss the proposed new air zone management system. MOE staff had also met once separately with Town of Oakville staff to solicit their perspective on further work on a potential pilot air zone management system for the Oakville-Clarkson area.

Purpose of the Meeting

For the MOE to present what they see as the next steps based on discussions they had with the City of Mississauga, the Town of Oakville, (and potentially other stakeholders) on how to work together on air zone management and our interest in using the Oakville-Clarkson airshed as a pilot project for a Provincial air zone management protocol.

MOE Proposal

The MOE presented a new proposal to the members of the group which was essentially to establish an Advisory Group (made up of key stakeholders) to further work on a pilot air zone management system.  MOE staff were not able to provide details at this time on the mandate and scope of this proposed advisory group. However, the MOE did confirm that work is progressing between the Province and the Federal Government on the development of the Canadian Air Management System.

Municipal and Public Health Staff Response

Those in attendance from the City of Mississauga, Town of Oakville, Peel Public Health and Halton Public Health requested further clarification regarding the MOE’s proposal, including:

the purpose of the proposed Advisory Committee;
who the Advisory Committee would be advising, and on what; and
whether this committee would have official status with the province in terms of reporting obligations etc.

Next Steps

Mississauga and Oakville staff urged MOE staff that if they are going to establish a new group that they set up an Action Committee not an Advisory Committee.  Staff also asked the MOE to prepare a brief status update for the public. The MOE will consider updating the MOE – Southwest GTA Air website with a 1 page fact sheet.

In the meantime, City staff continue to push the province to take the lead on developing an Airshed Management program including an Oakville-Clarkson airshed pilot project.

City staff are continuing to implement the actions identified for municipalities in the Southwest Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Oakville-Clarkson Airshed Action Plan.


Whiteoaks Park Hug#2 … May 14th 2011

It was a great community event with 50 or so turning up in the rain to HUG Whiteoaks Park.  Thanks to Jessika in the City’s Parks and Forestry Division we were able to start the afternoon with a tree planting of 25 or so young trees in the forest area by the tennis courts.  That was followed by the spreading of what seemed like 20 cubic yards of wood chips on the path with two wheelbarrows and a number of buckets.  Then, before heavy rain stopped play, we managed to pull over 40 bags of Garlic Mustard and litter from the same area.


We did notice a small change in the Garlic Mustard distribution in the park after last year’s effort and hope to see further reduction next year, but as we have all found at home it takes at least seven years to make a real impact.  Next year we have planned for 2pm, Saturday 12th May 2012 as the date to continue the effort.

It was super to see so many kids enjoying the weather and having a great time with the planting and cleanup.  My favourite moment was walking down the path between two planting areas and hearing the delight in their voices as they carefully dug the holes for the new trees to help replenish the forest.  The younger generation seem to get it.


Thanks to all who braved the elements, all at the City for the organization and cleanup and to Holcim who donated the 100 tree seedlings which we gave as mementos to all who attended.

See you next year on Saturday May 12th.

Alan Lytle


City Property Taxes Increase

City Property Taxes Increase

(By Ivan Sack)

As a follow up to the article in the February issue of the Association’s newsletter, Mississauga City Council has approved a 5.8% increase in the tax supported portion of its operating budget for the 2011 fiscal year. This has drawn criticism from MIRANET, an association which represents 22 Mississauga community associations.

MIRANET points out that this increase is significantly above the 2.2% Consumer Price Index (CPI)

increase forecast for Canada in 2011, and significantly above the 2.5% increase which Mississauga City Councillors, who also sit on Peel Regional Council, approved for the Region’s taxpayers. There will be no change in the education component of city property tax bills.

Taking into account the need to set aside money to replace and upgrade the city’s aging infrastructure, MIRANET urged that city council limit increases to the CPI plus a 1% additional increase for infrastructure.

MIRANET is also concerned that, for example, Mississauga bus drivers on average claim 32 sick leave days each year in addition to their regular holidays. Rather than address this issue, council approved the hiring of 18 more bus drivers to reduce the demand for increased overtime which these absences create.

As part of its submission to council MIRANET has urged that the city change its budget setting process. At present city officials identify their requirements and it is then up to city politicians to cut them back to a level they think taxpayers will accept. This ‘bottom up’ approach is contrary to the ‘top down’ processes used by both the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario. At the beginning of their budgeting discussions the latter politicians set targets which officials must meet when they submit budget options. MIRANET has asked that city council adopt a similar approach.

To facilitate the above process, MIRANET points out that Mississauga City Council is one of the few large city councils in Canada which does not have a ‘Budget Chief’. A Budget Chief is a member of council who serves as council’s ‘minister of finance’. This councillor oversees the city’s budget formulation process thereby helping to give his/her colleagues more control over city finances.


Newsletter May 2011

Newsletter May 2011

Holcim Canada – an overview

Paul Ostrander – CEO Holcim Canada

Meet CEO CAP Presentation_Mississauga_Feb152011 Compatibility Mode